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About Us

Leading the Way in Freight Brokerage Excellence

Our Organization's Commitment to Excellence

At Core Logistics, our ethos is simple, yet profound.

We hire the industry’s most skilled personnel, arm them with leading-edge technology, and guide them with our core values, which revolve around putting the customer first. These core values are:


At Core Logistics, safety is paramount; we steadfastly prioritize the well-being of our personnel, partners, and cargo, ensuring that every shipment reaches its destination without incident.


In the ever-evolving world of logistics, Core Logistics showcases courage by embracing challenges, innovating solutions, and venturing into uncharted territories to exceed client expectations.


Every milestone at Core Logistics is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, as we continuously set, meet, and surpass industry benchmarks.


Core Logistics believes in fostering a culture of respect, where we honor the diversity, opinions, and values of our employees, partners, and clients, recognizing that every individual plays a crucial role in our collective success.


With an unwavering commitment to our clients and the environment, Core Logistics takes responsibility for every shipment, ensuring timely deliveries while minimizing our ecological footprint.


Core Logistics operates on a foundation of integrity, ensuring that every transaction, partnership, and business decision is conducted with honesty, trustworthiness, and the highest ethical standards.


In a bid to foster trust and clarity, Core Logistics is committed to transparency, ensuring our clients are always informed and empowered with real-time data, open communication, and genuine insights into our operations.

Every decision, every move, and every outcome reflects these foundational beliefs.

Your Peace of Mind Matters

In a dynamic industry like freight brokerage, comprehensive insurance coverages are paramount. Core Logistics goes above and beyond both FMCSA requirements and general industry standards.

Our insurance offerings include:

Commercial General Liability
Freight Broker Auto Liability
Umbrella Liability


Errors &

Professional Indemnity


These coverages aren’t just checkboxes for us; they represent our commitment to safeguarding our client’s assets and interests at all costs.

Working with the Best Carriers

A Rigorous Selection Process

Our contracted carrier pool is not just vast but is also amongst the industry’s best. This is due to our aggressive proprietary vetting and contractual carrier on-boarding protocol. Every carrier we partner with undergoes meticulous checks:

Our stringent process ensures that our clients receive an unrivaled peace of mind, knowing their cargo is in the best possible hands.

Our Impeccable Credit Score

Paving the Way for the Best Partnerships

Core Logistics takes pride in achieving an industry-best Ansonia credit score. This allows us exclusive access to the country’s finest carriers, ensuring that your freight is handled by only the best.

Safeguarding Our Clients' Interests

The logistics sector has seen a concerning rise in fraudulent activities, notably Double Brokering, which surged 5-7 times since the pandemic. At Core Logistics, we stand as a bulwark against such activities. We indemnify our customers, ensuring they never bear the brunt of logistics fraud.

Unparalleled Tracking System

Keeping You Updated Every Step of the Way

Transparency is one of our fundamental values. Our MacroPointe Satellite Tracking System ensures that clients can monitor their loads at any point during transit. Real-time information ensures prompt decision-making and reinforces trust.

Experience and Partnerships

With over 75 collective years of logistics experience under our belt and robust industry-specific partnerships, we guarantee nothing short of excellence in our work product. The vast expanse of our experience helps us navigate the intricate labyrinth of logistics with finesse and expertise.


Our Guiding Philosophy

We flip the legacy corporate decision pyramid upside down.

At Core Logistics, the customer is always at the pinnacle. Our organizational structure places the customer at the top and the Executive Team at the base. Each layer is devotedly subservient to the one above, ensuring that every decision is rooted in optimizing the customer experience.

In essence, Core Logistics isn’t just a freight brokerage company. It’s a commitment, a promise, and a testament to delivering logistic solutions par excellence. Join hands with us,and experience the difference!

Meet Our Executive Team

Ryan Mancebo

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Ryan Mancebo, Core’s Founding Partner & Managing Director, and a 2009 Dean’s List Graduate of Florida Atlantic University, epitomizes disciplined leadership and profound business expertise. A young freight broker in 2009, Ryan swiftly broke company sales records, earning national acclaim with the Worldwide Express Organization.

In 2014, fueled by his fervent industrialist spirit and logistics passion, Ryan launched the Shipeco organization. This endeavor garnered early success, fostering steady growth that ultimately transformed into today’s Core Logistics Brokerage. As a highly respected Logistics Executive, Ryan anchors the Core Organization on the values of corporate responsibility, customer centricity, and team excellence.

Married to Beth for 11 years, Ryan cherishes their bond alongside their three children: Ava, Gia, and Nico. Beyond business, he exhibits an unwavering dedication to his sports passions, notably football and basketball, as an avid supporter of the Miami Heat and Dolphins franchises.

Ryan’s story radiates personal success, family values, and profound friendships, defining a multifaceted leader who leaves an enduring mark on all aspects of life.

Rick Mancebo

Partner & Managing Director

Rick Mancebo holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana. His notable business education is further enhanced through completion of various Executive Level Education Programs at esteemed institutions including the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As an accomplished and multiple award-winning business leader, Rick is known for his ability to foster high levels of success & permanence in commercial relationships.

With a deep conviction for leveraging corporate values to gain competitive advantage, Rick pioneered the “Core 7” framework—a value-driven, customer-centric platform. The Core 7 Value Platform guides all corporate decisions at Core Logistics and aligned organizations, ensuring a thoughtful and customer centric approach to managing internal and external issues.

Rick is a Partner & Managing Director at Core. He’s held senior leadership roles with national responsibilities for major US and International Organizations. Rick’s 42-year business career is a treasure trove of experiences that guide Core’s strategic direction. Married to Dorothy for 40 years, they have three grown children and six cherished grandchildren.

During his leisure time, Rick finds joy in travel, sports, and cherished moments with loved ones, reflecting his commitment to both personal and professional excellence.

Dorothy Mancebo

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dorothy Mancebo is a seasoned leader with responsibilities for HR, Payroll, and Benefits. She holds a degree in Data Processing from Baker College in Flint Michigan and is certified in the field of Human Resources from Florida Atlantic University.

Dorothy’s impressive career spans various industries including notable positions at Genesee Bank, Key Pharmaceuticals, and Eastern Airlines, where she excelled as a Programmer Analyst, contributing to the development of in-house HR and Payroll Systems. Her expertise further flourished at Miami-Dade County, where she played a vital role in crafting in-house applications involving Payroll Systems, Inventory, and Telephone Communications Software.

Later in her career, while at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, she served as a Senior Programmer Analyst, spearheading the development of in-house HR specific software and was charged with the maintenance of HR, Benefit, and Payroll Systems.

Her professional journey culminated at Core Logistics Brokerage, where she currently serves as Chief Human Resources Officer, overseeing On-boarding, HR, Benefits, IT procurement, and software implementation.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dorothy finds joy in her personal life as a devoted spouse of 40 years to Rick Mancebo. They share the love of three wonderful children and six grandchildren. With a passion for travel, spending time with friends and family, Dorothy embodies a holistic approach to leadership that merges her extensive professional background with a rich and fulfilling personal life.

Beth Mancebo

Chief Financial Officer

Beth Mancebo, Core Logistics’ Chief Financial Officer, along with her husband Ryan Mancebo, stand as the visionary founders of the Core organization. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design from the New England Institute of Art, and successful completion of a Human Resources Program at Florida Atlantic University, Beth launched an impressive career path which provision her significant contributions to the HR and Accounting domains at Core.

Her tenure at Randstad NV, a multinational Human Resources Consulting Firm, showcased her as a masterful HR Specialist. During her tenure Beth oversaw the intricate process of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring across multifaceted industries. Notably, her skillset extends beyond HR, encompassing adeptness in bookkeeping and accounting.

Her journey into logistics commenced with the inception of Shipeco. It is here that Beth developed an understanding of multiple diverse logistics accounting platforms which led to the consolidation of intricate IT platforms leading to the construct of Core Logistics’ accounting system as it exists today, closely aligning US and Colombian based operations.

Beth’s personal life is just as vibrant, with three beautiful children and the beloved family Pomeranian, Yoshi. Beth’s unwavering dedication resonates in both her professional and personal endeavors, enriching the Core organization’s journey.