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Mastering the Intricacies of LTL Shipping

Core Logistics prides itself on understanding the complexities of Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping.

Dedicated to providing you with superior solutions, we tackle the challenges often associated with LTL logistics. Our tailored services embody a commitment to dependability and problem-solving, ensuring your shipments always reach their destination

Seamless Handling and Comprehensive Tracking

The risk of damage increases with multiple handling instances inherent in LTL shipping. At Core Logistics, we’ve honed our processes to minimize this risk, treating your goods with the utmost respect. Additionally, our advanced tracking systems provide real-time visibility of your LTL shipment, eliminating the hassles commonly linked with shipment tracking.

Dependable Capacity and Expedited Transit Times

With LTL shipping, limited capacity and slower transit times can be a headache. We’ve built a strong network ensuring ample capacity, even during peak shipping seasons. Thanks to our strategic planning and vast network, we guarantee prompt delivery, turning the slower transit times typically associated with LTL shipping into a non-issue.

Overcoming LTL Restrictions and Reducing Environmental Impact

Size and weight restrictions of LTL can limit your shipping capabilities. At Core Logistics, we excel at problem-solving, offering solutions tailored to your needs, regardless of shipment size or weight. We’re also mindful of our carbon footprint, implementing optimized routes and operations to minimize environmental impact.

Efficient Loading/Unloading and Transparent Billing

We ensure efficient loading and unloading procedures, reducing the risk of delays and damage common in LTL shipping. With our clear and fair billing system, you can bid farewell to the common billing disputes. We provide upfront costs, making for a seamless LTL logistics experience.

Simplifying LTL Logistics

The management of LTL services can be complex. Our dedicated team lightens your administrative load, handling everything from scheduling to paperwork and route optimization. With Core Logistics, LTL shipping becomes a strategic advantage rather than a challenge.

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